If you suffer from dry skin, I am sure you have noticed it usually worsens in the winter. Here are some holistic tips are how to prevent and heal dry itchy winter skin. Please note the items listed are available in our Wellness shop. :)


Switch to natural soaps made with real oils, butters and essential oils. Store bought bath bars/gels strip the skin's natural oils and often contain alcohol and harsh chemicals that dry the skin out and cause even more severe skin issues like Eczema.


Make sure you are eating enough healthy fats that contain Omega fatty acids like Olive oil, Flax Seeds, Walnuts, avocados. The skin requires nutrients to keep itself soft, & healthy. Poor nutrition and toxicity is directly linked to Eczema and other skin issues. 

Check out our new Collagen + Greens real food supplement by Vital Proteins. I drink it everyday for the skin loving collagen, natural omega fatty acids, healing greens, soil based probiotcs  & other immune system benefits! It makes a wonderful mid-morning or lunch time smoothie.


Hydrate the body. If it's hard for you to consume water during the cooler months try drinkng a hot herbal tea, not only will it keep you hydrated but herbal teas offer so many healing benefits that boost our body's immune system and help the skin stay healthy. Bone broth is another easy delicious way to give the body vital nutrition (collagen) to heal skin and stay hydrated. If you aren't really into drinking it straight, try making healthy soups this winter. 


Use a Diffuser in your home/bedroom. Central heat sucks all the moisture out of the air. This tends to cause dry skin during the winter months and it can also lead to upper respiratory issues. Aromatherapy diffusers not only put moisture back in the air but also fill your home/space with the healing benefits of essential oils.

The new SpaVapor essential diffuser is available in our shop now.  This is a hard-working cool mist diffuser that runs over-night. 


Dry Brush before showering or bathing. What?? Yes, dry brushing not only exfoliates dead skin but it stimulates blood flow/lymph drainage which boost our body's immune system and promotes healthier skin.


Take the time to enjoy a hot bath soak a few times a week.. be sure to dry brush before getting in. Our natural bath soaks contain sea salts, epsom salt, organic herbs & essential oils that help sooth dry itchy winter skin. We also have an organic Milk Oat formula that feels amazing.. safe for kiddos too.


Of course I had to include this.. just because we notice dry skin issues more in the winter doesn't mean that our skin is as healthy as it could be during the rest of the year. Harsher weather + indoor heating + less water intake just tends to aggravate skin issues more during colder months.

A crappy diet void of essential nutrients often laden with artificial chemicals keeps the body in a poor state of health. Our skin is a direct reflection of our internal health. Healthy eating = skin healthy nutrients = less toxins in the body = healthy glowing skin year round!!

These are just a few of my favorite winter healthy skin tips.. for more info come see me at Sage & Sweetgrass or call 940-663-2000.